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  • Arcadia Fir Tree Premium Organic Honey

Arcadia Fir Tree Premium Organic Honey


FIR TREE Premium Organic Honey is collected by our bees on Mount Mainalon, which is full of Greek Fir trees, at a height of >1000m, in Arcadia, Greece. It has truly unique characteristic metallic highlights across its dark red color. That’s right - this honey is so rich that it’s dark red. Its richness is also textural: it is extremely thick.


Fir Tree Honey is rich in trace elements and mineral composition (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron) compared to other types of honey.


Naturally low in sugars, it has been sustainably extracted by centrifugal force method, and with zero heating process - which is how it sustains all its beneficial nutritional elements.


  • TASTE: Gently sweet due to its low Glycemic Index, with a distinctive malty flavor and a lingering full-body aftertaste.
  • AROMA: Peaceful top-notes of wood forest with an underlying sweet calming aroma.
  • COLLECTION PERIOD: Summer Season
  • HARVEST LOCATION: Mount Mainalon, Arcadia, Greece
    • Those who need to lower their calorie intake
    • People with mild sweet preferences or those with a sweet tooth who need to lower their sugar intake, kids included!
    • Stir this honey into coffee or tea, drizzle it on toast or pancakes, or spread it raw on whole-grain toast.
    • We highly recommend it as a superfood add-in to your yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal.