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  • Arcadia Pine Premium Organic Honey

Arcadia Pine Premium Organic Honey


The most “Honeydew Honey” of all, ARCADIA PINE Premium Organic Honey is sweet and spicy, purely unique in taste. It has an excellent nutritional profile that promotes overall body and mind health.


Arcadia Pine honeydew honey has an impressive pearl-amber color with characteristic metallic highlights. Its extremely thick texture makes it special and much healthier than other flower honey varieties.


Arcadia Pine Honey contains a high concentration of polyphenols (powerful antioxidants), which are unique - they do not exist anywhere in the world.


  • TASTE: Hints of woodsy forest, with an underlying resinous taste that finishes warm and spicy. A pleasantly mild, floral sweetness with a lingering hint of sour aftertaste.
  • AROMA: Pleasantly mild and delicate fresh woodsy scent.
  • COLLECTION PERIOD: 2 yearly limited production harvests: Pre-summer (June) and After-summer (Sept)
  • HARVEST LOCATION: Lower plateau of Mount Mainalon, Arcadia, Greece
    • Ideal for winter tea and year-round breakfast
    • Ideal for pairing with cheese as digestive-assisting desert
    • Ideal for pepping up fruity dessert dishes--or nearly any dish!
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